Initial users must choose the required program according to their operating systems. After the completion of installation, please click on the update button to download the latest database. (This installation is needed once only.)


Please according to the model and speed camera locator type, select the correctly model icon to download the firmware and the database; If the GPS speed camera download is your first time, please read the manual in detail to get method to download database, voice, firmware, etc., Please drive safely.
1.The following models, please download and install PL-2303 USB-to-Serial
2.The following models, please download and install DTL USB-to-Serial
3.The following models, please download and install DTL USB-Bulk


The Smart AI database is constantly monitored and enhanced with new camera information and directional information. The camera and safety information contained in the Smart AI Database is provided free of charge to all users. Please feel free to help us enhance the Smart AI database for everyone by reporting new locations or changes to existing locations. Stored fixed camera location or a hazard area POI and report any information you can via our website. Please press Upload icon and next step. Thanks you.